Recycling to reduce climate change

About have now launched the Carbon Recycling Project which aims to educate and provide the facilities for all of us to recycle carbon dioxide, CO2.


The Carbon Recycling Project


CRP- Phase 1

Step 1 - Green Energy

Step 2 - Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Step 3 - Achieving Carbon Negativity

Future Developments


CRP Phase 2 - The sunflower project

CRP Phase 3 - Algae farming

CRP Phase 4 - Pyrolysis technology


Climate Change

What is Global Warming?

How will it affect me?

What will happen to our weather?

Will Ocean levels rise?

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

What will the Socio-Economic Impacts be?

The Carbon Cycle

What is the Carbon Cycle?

What is Carbon Recycling?

What is Carbon Locking?

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